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Hazardous waste treatment

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Our company is the most comprehensive disposal unit for the hazardous waste disposal in Xinjiang, also undertakes social work like safety rescue of dangerous chemical accident.

At present, our company has the capability to receive deal with various types of hazardous waste in the hw02-hw49 (hw15, hw44, hw45 excluded) of "National Hazardous Waste List" conduct i harmless treatment, playing an important role in protecting the environment human health.    

There are two production bases in Xinjiang, covering about 1.1 million square meters.

Xishan base, Zhundong base

At present, our project design disposal capability is about 190 thoustons of hazardous waste. The processing methods include comprehensive utilization, physicochemical treatment, incineration treatment, solidification / stabilization, safe landfill, storage (highly toxic chemicals).   We mainly collect dispose industrial hazardous waste waste hazardous chemicals, such as waste acid, waste organic solvents, waste mineral oil, distillation residue, nickel waste.

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